This page has Cube utilities that I wrote. Contact me at with any comments or questions.

cube-map version 1.0

This Python script parses Cube maps, displays information about them, manipulates the entities in them and generates images of them.

For example, you can list all headers, entities and cubes for douze and tartech with:
        cube-map -s. -e. -c. douze.cgz tartech.cgz
See the usage statement and comments in the script for details. Download it here.

cube-misc patch version 1.0

This patch adds various miscellaneous enhancements to Cube They are:
       o Various cheat codes (in the spirit of Doom's cheat codes).
       o Environment variables that alter the behavior of Cube (see the read_env()) function.
       o Ability to control what modes are allowed (see the CUBE_ALLOWED_MODE environment variable).
       o Various other changes.
See my autoexec.cfg file for an example of how the cheat key codes may be setup. Download it here. Note that due to the differences in the protocol between the binary clients and servers and clients and servers compiled from source you won't be able to use this patch (or anything you compile) with official servers (an anti-cheating mechanism). See the "readme" file that comes with cube for details. But you can still have using it in SP and DMSP mode to track down that last hard to find monster (reveal_all_ents_toggle command) or get yourself out of a trap or pit (collide_toggle command).

This patch can be applied with:
        patch -p 0 < cube-misc.diff

limit-fps patch version 1.1

A small utility to limit the FPS of Cube even with the binary client without recompiling the source. This may be beneficial to Linux users with high end graphics cards who are getting FPS rates that greatly exceed the refresh rate of their monitors (and are therefore wasted) and who are also worried about the wear and tear on their systems, possibly because their graphics cards are overheating. Windows' GL seems to limit the frame rate to the refresh limit of the monitor, so there is no need for this utility on Windows. Download it here. See the comments in the limit-fps.c for details.