I'm a 52 year old computer programmer in Sarasota Florida. For a few years now I've been working as a C++/Linux developer for a small company in downtown Austin.

Any opinions expressed here are strictly my own.

I went to high school in Chevy Chase Maryland. I studied physics for my undergraduate at FIT and my masters at Georgia Tech. Later I ended up in Austin where I am now.

This website mostly consists of utilities and other things I wrote that hopefully will be helpful to you. I'll copy things from my old website as time goes on. This website runs on Drupal, a content management system that I recommend checking out.

Here's a 2009 photo of me:


Hey there,

My name is also Steven Elliott, and I am a 30 year old programmer living in the Northeast. I am primarily a .NET developer but I have done a lot of Java and PHP as well. My current position finds me writing lots of ASP.NET and WPF applications. Just thought it was a wee-bit strange to find another programmer named Steven Elliott, and spelled the same way too!