Twelve Tile Puzzle

The Twelve Tile Puzzle is a port of the M12 applet to Android (T-Mobile G1's operating system) with some additional features the most significant of which is the additional puzzle types that have been added so that the user may select from M12, Bubble and Custom. Like the M12 applet the Twelve Tile Puzzle is heavily inspired by the Scientific American M12 puzzle.

The Twelve Tile Puzzle may be downloaded from the Android Market or from here. The source can be found here.

The Twelve Tile Puzzle is subject to the GPLv2 or later.

Privacy Policy

Basically it doesn't gather any information. Here's my attempt at a privacy policy.

Here's a screenshot:


Looks interesting....what about WebOS? That would be relatively easy after android.

I like your suggestion and maybe I, or someone, should look into porting Twelve Tile puzzle to webOS. Unfortunately webOS is quite different. For example, applications are written in JavaScirpt instead of Java. So the port would be challenging.