Emacsish is an Eclipse plugin that I wrote that I hope makes the transition from Emacs to Eclipse easier by recreating some of the functionality that I missed when I made the transition.

Emacsish adds features that mostly have to do with processing text, such as the ability to format paragraphs and running external shell commands. The commands added by Emacsish are:

  • Create Backup - Create a backup of the current file with a suffix.
  • Set Mode - Set the mode (file type) of the current file.
  • Save As External - Save as to an external filename.
  • Save External - Save to an external filename.
  • Shell Selection - Run the current selection through the shell.
  • Sort Selection - Sort the current selection.
  • Format Paragraph - Format the current selection as a paragraph.

For a detailed explanation of the commands added by Emacsish consult its documentation. To download it see the download page.

One way of giving me feedback is to rate this plugin.


Emacsish is a completely separate project from either GNU/Emacs or XEmacs.