Compiling Java Expressions In Java

In my previous blog post I mentioned that with JCols I explored evaluating user specified JavaScript expressions in Java with Rhino. In order to make JCols as fast as possible I recently experimented with evaluating user specified Java expressions that are compiled using Java 6's JavaCompiler (that's just the name of the interface, but that's what I'll refer to it as). I've concluded the following about the JavaCompiler:

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    Embedding JavaScript In Java with Rhino

    Recently I've I experimented with embedding JavaScript in Java with Rhino. Previously I had written a Python utility that parses text files in an AWK like fashion by allowing an expression to be passed in on the command line. In Python writing such a utility is easy because of it's dynamic nature - a user provided expression can be bits of Python which are then eval'd on the fly. But I was curious if I could make it faster by rewriting it in a faster language such as Java.

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