Using IPv6 On A Home Network


These are my notes on setting on IPv6 on my home network. It's not complete and it's not a tutorial, but I thought I'd post it in case it's helpful.

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Installing Linux on the MacBook Pro

In Progress - Check back later.

Recently I installed Linux on a MacBook Pro that my employer was kinda enough to provide me. Since I found the experience surprisingly challenging I thought I'd document what I did. Hopefully it will be helpful. The instructions here will be biased toward a recent MacBook Pro (Intel i7 16 GB RAM with OS X 10.8) and a recent version of Linux (Fedora 17 64 bit) since that's what I did.


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Miscellaneous OpenGL Utilities

I thought I'd publish some small OpenGL utitilies that I've written. Included in GLMisc is a utility called "sdl-events" that displays all SDL events. Another utility call "shapes" exercises various OpenGL APIs. Finally there is an odd program called "ellipses" that demonstrates that the perspective projection of a circle is an ellipse. You can download it here.

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Sendmail And Fully Qualified Domain Names

Recently I attempted to get sendmail to work between two machines in my internal test network. Since it's my own small network I tend to use short unqualified hostnames such as "grey" or "white". As you may know this presents certain challenges when working with sendmail since sendmail prefers FQDNs (fully qualified domain names). In this blog entry I'll talk about what those challenges are and what I think is the most straight forward way to get sendmail to work in such a network.

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Red Hat Certification

Recently I took one of Red Hat's certification exam which resulted in my becoming RHCT certified. Although there isn't much I can say about t the exam due to the non-disclosure agreement I signed what I can say, which you can find elsewhere, is that it's a challenging exam. Since time is limited it's important to distinguish between things that are important and things that aren't.

I'll probably try to upgrade to RHCE in April.

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